How To Clean Vent Free Gas Fireplace Logs

Cleaning a vent free gas log set is a fairly simple task and should be done each year before you light them. The first thing you will need to do is get a vacuum with a hose and preferably a brush on the end of the hose. Using the vacuum remove the surface dust from the bottom of the fireplace around the gas log burner then remove the log set from the burner and do the same. Make sure you know how the logs are placed on the burner before you remove them because if you do not put them back on correctly it could cause the burner to produce soot. If you do not have the owners manual I suggest you take a picture to assure placement.

For the next step you will need some sort of compressed air to blow out the air mixing devices. You can use a simple can of air or a compressor for this. There are two important parts that will need cleaning and they are located at the pilot light assembly and the main burner orifice where the gas is supplied to the burner(s). First locate the pilot light (this is the place that the small flame burns from that lights the main burners when you turn it on) and about 2 inches down from the tip of the pilot light you will have whats called an oxygen depletion sensor also know as an ODS. The ODS is what scenes the oxygen in the room to make sure its at a safe level. Its a very simple device with two small holes in it and these holes are continuously drawing room air into them as the pilot light burns and with any house it s drawing in house hold dust as well. Once you locate the ODS take the air and flush the debris. See pictures below of pilot light assembly. Not all look the same but they are all similar.

Gas Logs Pilot LightPilot Light ODS

Now you will need to remove the dust from the air intake going into the main burner(s). To locate the main burn intake follow the gas tube supplying the burner up to where it goes in the burner and there you will see an air gap between the orifice and burner and that is the intake that also is drawing oxygen from the room. If this part becomes clogged it will not allow the proper air to mix with the gas as it flows into the gas log set therefore creating an incomplete combustion. Once located apply the compressed air to the opening to clear it out. See image below.

Gas Log Set Air Intake

Now take the compressed air and blow out all the burner port holes and then reinstall the log set into the burner assuring that they are placed correctly and you are done.

By John Fine

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