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Heat-N-Glo direct vent gas stove have done it again offering the traditional old style cast iron stoves with todays technology. Also offering the sleek, European-styled Paloma freestanding fireplace is a modern addition. Heat-N-Glo Direct vent gas stoves have revolutionized placement in homes. Since they are vented directly to the outside through a an exterior wall, there is no need to construct a chimney and run a flue above the roof. Like firebox inserts, these unit are available in sealed combustion models. When the fireplace is sealed, the air that is used to generate the flame is drawn from outside. The fumes that are a byproduct of the combustion are also vented to the outside. Air contaminated with combustion byproducts and unused fuel does not circulate in the home, and household air is not used to fuel the combustion process.

A direct-vent stove is by far the most efficient option. Since the entire operation is independent of the household air, with sealed combustion there are no drafts and no heat loss. In fact, these units operate at a near 90 percent efficiency rate. AFUE-rated fireplaces can generate as much heat as a furnace—upwards of 40,000 Btu in some cases—and should be taken into account in any heating and cooling calculations for your home. Manufacturers offer heat calculation charts to help determine the number of Btu required to adequately heat your space in question. Armed with this knowledge, homeowners can shop for the right unit in terms of capacity and looks. Disclaimer: Due to manufactures regulations we are only selling Heat-N-Glo products in our service area. Click To View Service Area

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