Types Of RH Peterson Gas Logs Control Valves

All RH Peterson Real Fyre gas logs have a control valve of some sort and here I am going to tell you the options you have to choose from and how each one works. Not all models are offered in all control types.

Manual Control Gas Logs Manual Control Gas Logs
This one is the most simple in the fact that it is just what it says, "manual control" meaning when you want to control the fire you reach into the fireplace and turn the knob on/off and or set the flame to high, medium or low. You still have a standing pilot light that will have to be lit in order for the valve to operate. RH Peterson manual control gas log sets also require a larger fireplace opening because the control valve is located 4" to the right side of the burner therefore making the burner wider than the actual burner width.

Remote Ready Gas Logs Remote Ready (millivolt) Gas Logs
This is the most versatile control valve used on gas logs because you have many options. First of all it is powered by a millivolt generator that is placed in front of the pilot light flame and in turn creates energy from the small amount of heat. The 750 millivolts of electricity is then sent to the control valve allowing it to operate from a wired wall switch, wall thermostat or a remote control. All of which are options for a remote ready gas log set. Remote controls come in simple on/off models as well as thermostatic and are not brand specific meaning if your remote tears up you can replace it with any brand millivolt remote control. All millivolt control valves come standard with a variable flame height adjustment knob located on the valve. No electricity is required except batteries for remote options.

Variable Flame Control Variable Remote Gas Logs
Variable remote means you can vary the flame height from high to low and anywhere in between from the included remote control. The remote will also turn the gas logs on and off as well. With a variable remote type control valve you still have to manually light the pilot light for the season but once it lit you are ready to go. This control type come with a battery powered remote control and receiver and does not require 110 volt electricity.

Electronic Ignition Control

Electronic Ignition Gas Log
The electronic ignition models all come with a special battery powered digital remote control that will electronically light the pilot light, vary the flame height up and down, act as a thermostat control and turn the gas logs on and off. These remotes are brand specific and must be replaced with an RH Peterson gas logs OEM part. To learn more click here.

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By John Fine

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