How to Measure for Fireplace Gas Logs

Though there is no exact formula for measuring a fireplace for gas logs, we believe the techniques listed below will help you determine the size logs that will best serve your needs.

How To Measure Fireplace

Most gas logs require a fireplace that is at least 14" deep. For the width of the logs, simply measure the width of the fireplace right in the middle and subtract 6" from this measurement. Purchase the logs that come closest to your measurement.  (See below)

Measure the middle width of the fireplace minus 6 inches. Buy the logs that are closest to that measurement. We also have a sizing chart on each gas log page that will assist you as well or if you have real logs and a grate handy, you might try stacking the logs on the grate to make sure they fit inside your opening and then measure the actual logs.  If you don't have real logs at your disposal you might also try using cardboard or newspaper as an alternative (see below).

How To Measure Fireplace For Gas Logs

How To Measure For Gas Logs

In both of the examples A and B shown above, the fireplaces are the same width and height at the opening. However, notice that Example "B" tapers back much quicker than the other. Therefore, Example "B" would use a smaller gas log set than Example "A".  If you  need help feel free to call on our experienced sale staff. Toll Free 877-615-1151

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