Sikes Cookers

Why Sikes Cookers?

Sikes Cookers are available in portable and built-in grill models and two different sizes. The Sikes Cooker has 4 patents that clearly separates this outdoor grill from all others on the market today. More than a conventional grill, Sikes Cookers can be used as a smoker and can steam, broil, grill and sear food to perfection. The patented convection based cooking system improves airflow combining heated air and steam. This means your food can never be burnt and the moisture assures juicy meats and perfectly textured vegetables every time. Made in the USA.

Place your food on the Sikes Cooker, close the lid and let the grill do the rest. No More standing over a hot grill and constantly checking for flare-ups or making sure that the food is not overcooked or dried out. The PW Sikes Cookers will take the worst outdoor griller and turn them into a grill master worthy of rock star status.

Need Advice?

Contact our experts at Fine’s Gas for advice on the right grill for you or check out our resource articles on gas grills.

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Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 products) View All