Sorry! We no longer carry Avalon brand stoves.

We’re sorry to let you know that Avalon brand stoves are no longer stocked by Fine’s Gas. We work to carry the highest-quality gas grills, gas fireplaces and other gas-fired products to ensure that our customers always receive a great product that will last for decades. We are constantly updating our products based on customer demand and our commitment to great products.

Fine’s Gas still carries a great selection of wood stoves, pellet stoves and direct vent stoves!

Similar Products:

  • Interested in a direct vent stove? Take a look at our White Mountain Hearth model! This stove offers superior craftsmanship and a variety of decorative finishes with a very attractive price tag.
  • Interested in a wood burning stove? Check out our selection of Eco-Choice wood stoves! Whether you’re interested in form, function or both, Eco-Choice makes a wood stove that you and your family will enjoy for many years.
  • Interested in a pellet stove? We have a vast selection of pellet stoves!  Be sure to consider the Enviro Empress Pellet Stove or the Napoleon pellet stove. Both of these products offer a very comparable price and styling to the Avalon brand stoves and have excellent potential to slash those home heating bills.


Speak to one of our experts for personalized advice on the best type of stove for your home and your needs!