Vidalia Grills

Vidalia Grills

Why Vidalia?

Vidalia grills are perfect for anyone who needs an all-in-one gas grill. With Vidalia's gas grills, you can sear, smoke, steam, fry, boil and in-direct cook without needing any additional accessories. This is also one of the only grills out there that can use both gas and charcoal. With all aluminum casting, including 2 shelves and an ash tray for easy clean-out, this grill is built for years of outdoor use. Learn more about how Vidalia grills cook here.

Need Advice?

Contact our experts at Fine's Gas for advice on the right grill for you or check out our resource articles on gas grills.

The Vidalia Grill Is No Longer Being Made. Check Out Comparable Grills by Sikes Cooker.